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OKK HM4 spindle replacement

This is a brief description of OKK HM4 spindle replacement. This OKK HM4 spindle is a simple inline cartridge style design.The spindle was fairly easy to replace and would be a great job for a newbie to take on. Below is a brief summary of how to begin this task.

Z axis not repeating on a vertical machining center

Had a job that I went into today that the customer complained about Z axis varying by 1/16 to 1/8 after a lightening strike. They were running castings and taking mill cuts across the top. This depth seemed to be changing. My immediate thoughts were an encoder problem since that's typicql if the encoder does not read all the pulses.

Hitachi door to stop spindle from turning when opened-safety issues

Had a customer request making a Hitachi HG400 machine safer and have the spindle stop when the side door opens. I have noticed many Hitachi machines set up this way and had looked into how to make this safer. What I found was a simple easy change that could be made. I traced through the ladder and found  Par 11-0 could be changed to automatically stop the spindle. This had to be changed on the Micon side through the small CRT screen on the side of the electrical cabinet. If there is no switch at all on your machine it may also be added.

Ways to learn and find people with your interests and hobbies

I know this topic is sort of unrelated. But what I have found may interest you in a lot of repects. This weekend I attended something called a barcamp. What it was was a community of web developers and people that enjoy what they do and get together for some brainstorming. The weekend event that I attended was great, completly free and was sponsored by adobe. They supplied food and beverages  for the entire weekend. The people speaking and giving the seminars were not paid a dime and enjoyed doing it for they learned from everyone as well.

Mitsubishi M64 control Corrupt user program memory symptoms

Symptoms of program memory needing to be formated which occured on Mitsubishi M64 control. This happened on Mori seiki GV-503 CNC machine with a meldas 64. Customer said a DOS screen appeared on Bootup once or twice with “ diagnostic code 005 Enter. As well as analyzing data.

What type of coolant skimmer do you prefer?

Zimmerman CNC machine with lubrication alarm

Had a problem the other day with a Zimmerman bridge type CNC machine tool. The machine utilized a grease lubrication system for it's linear guides and ballscrews. The Zimmerman had a lubrication alarm that came on after about 15 seconds after the alarm is cleared.

Machine does not tool change due to ATC 2nd reference postion out of work envelope on Mitsubishi M3 control

Had a problem on Mitsubishi machine H-5A. When commanding a tool change the tool was called up and placed above the spindle. However the ATC did not exchange the tools and came up with a YZ not at 2nd reference return alarm. The position in the screen had a #2 next to them so they were in fact at 2nd reference. The machine had a Mitsubishi M3 control on it. On this control someone had changed the Zero return position and 2nd reference position. However there is also a fail safe in the control. to prevent excessive changes and keep the zero return within the factory envelope.

All Axis Over Travel - FANUC OM

Upon power-up of my Kitamura MyCenter 1 all axis show over travel limit error in the minus direction. The axis are not on limit switches, in fact they are all closer to the plus switches. With this error the axis will only move plus.. I have checked the panel and all switches seem to be fine. Also all limit switches seem to be ok. Does anyone have another suggestion?

VF1 Spindle

I would like to rebuild the spindle in my VF1 myself. Has anyone done this before?

Bad machine ground connection and how I was able to test it.

The CNC machine I had the problem with was a small Milltronics vertical with a PC based control. The CNC machine had been having a lot of unexplainable problems and alarms. They had swapped servo motors, spindle drives and more. Being that the alarms were far and in-between and inconsistent I decided to inspect the grounding of the machine.

Change fanuc control to allow greater Compensation values in wear offset

On Fanuc 16, 18, 21 controls in order to allow a larger wear offset to be entered in for your tools and change the maximum amount that can be added at one time change Parameters 5013 and 5014.

Destar unit lube distribution block typically used in CNC machine applications

Here is the picture of a typical lube metering manifold on cnc machine tools . These are used for ballscrews ways and more.  Here is a description on how these work. Many people do not understand this concept.

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