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If the RS232 port does not work any more.

What if the RS232 port is bad or not working on your Fanuc control?

Recieved this from a Member of for if you have a bad RS232 Port on a main board or some fanuc controls. Since most fanucs have two ports you can just swap the plug to the other port that is not being used and have a fully functional RS232 port. Then use a different channel for setting your RS232 settings. Wish I would have known this years ago or thought of it.

Works on Fanuc OMC and maybe others
If the RS232 port does not work any more. It could mean that is blown on the board.

To repair :

  1. Switch off power
  2. Change plug on board from M5 to M74.
  3. Power on
  4. On setting page set I/O to -2
  5.  Set parameter no 914 bit 4 to a 1.
  6.  Baudrate is now set wit parameter no 250 . 10= 4800, 11=9600