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Fanuc Powermate F alarm 090 224 on machine power up.

A Fanuc Powermate F alarm 090 224 occurred on a customers machine at power up. Had tried to walk him through resetting the powermate home position several times but the original procedure would not work. The 090 and 224 alarm indicates a lost home position. However batteries were ok and they were replaced as a precaution. The problem was that it was impossible to reset the home position and it would not take. Fanuc Powermate drives often are stubborn from my experience when setting there home positions. This particular circumstance required the parameter 1815 bit 4 and 5 to be changed to zero, then chance 1815.4 to a 1 and next change 1815.5 to a 1. After performing this The Fanuc powermate was able to be retaught the home position by the original procedure.

For those of you who do not know what a Fanuc Powermate drive is. It is a separate drive that is not daisy chained into the rest of them. It is often a separate drive with parameters loaded into the drive through a separate plug-in powermate pendant or they can be accessed through a PMM screen on some Fanuc controls. There are a number of versions such as Powermate E and Powermate F.