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Kluber NBU 15, THK AFJ grease, Kyodo Yushi Greases

Kluber NBU 15, THK AFJ grease, Kyodo Yushi are just some of the most commonly used grease for CNC Machine tools.  Always use what the manufacturer recommends for the application. Whether it is Kluber grease for bearings or THK AFJ grease for linear guides and such applications.  When different greases combine and mix they may harden, generate excessive heat, cause improper lubrication or cause the grease distribution manifolds to clog.

  • THK AFJ Grease - comes in 400 gram tubes
  • Kluber NBU 15 Grease - comes in 400gram / 14 oz. and 50gram tubes
  • Kyodo Yushi LRL number 3 grease - Comes in 400 gram / 14oz and 2 oz tubes


To purchase grease or request a quote from a grease distributor follow the below information.

THK AFJ Grease

Kluber NBU 15 Grease

Kyodo Yushi LRL 3 grease