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I live in a small town in paducah ky, where I just bought a cnc plasma machine and table from Dynatorch.  Im very very happy with my purches and Im already working on orders if everything keeps going the way it is the machine will pay its self off with in the year. The tech support and staff were more then adaquate and very friendly, I wold recordmend Dynatorch to any body and  fully endorse there product.  I fully recomend that every one check out there web sit at

Looks Nice, anything with Plasma is cool

I checked out the site, looks like a sweet piece of equipment, although, their website needs to be modernized. If anyone is looking for other CNC equipment, check out BlueStar Machinery , they have a great selection of used machines.


Another coment on teh Dynatorch....I'd like to hear more about how this stuff is used to help protect our county.......USA!